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Auto Rounding

You can auto round ticket totals by creating a calculation type and a calculation selector.

First we'll create a Calculation Type. Add new Calculation Type from Management > Settings > Calculation Types.

Template NameThis is how calcuation appears under ticket. I've named it as Auto Round
Account Transaction TypeRounding Amount should appear on accounting system. We'll use pre-build Rounding Transaction type.
Calculation MethodRound Ticket Total
Rate or Amount0.05 because we want to round by 5 cents

Save it and create a Calculation Selector. Calcuation Selectors are useful to assign Calculation Types to tickets.

NameWe'll give a name to identify this calculation selector. Name it as Auto Rounding.
Button Header<empty>. We need to leave it empty since we want to auto calculate rounding. If we enter a Button Header it will display a button and calculates when clicked. Useful for calculations like Discounts.
Calculation TypesI have to add Auto Round calculation type to the list.

Now switch to Mappings screen and map this calculation selector to a ticket type.

* means all. If you want to enable auto rounding for a specific ticket type you can choose it's name from Ticket Type column.

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