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Grouping on Ticket Printer Template

SambaPOS V3 have some nice grouping features that we can use for grouping orders on tickets. We need use Group keyword to define and configure groups.

[Orders Group|PRODUCT GROUP]

Adding that dynamic section to a printer template means we want to Group Orders by Product Group Code. Product Group Code is the value we entered as Group Code while creating product records.

On that section I can add a header for groups. Adding <C00>-{GROUP KEY}- means it will print Group Code on the header of each section. {GROUP KEY} is the tag we can use printing the value that we used for grouping. For example if we use PRODUCT TAG for grouping {GROUP KEY} tag prints Product Tag value.

So when used together Group section becomes.

<C00>-{GROUP KEY}-

This is what this configuration generates.

Notice how it groups items and display group codes centrally as we defined on ORDER GROUP section.

Formatting Specific Groups

I can format specific group keys. For example we can use different formatting for İçecekler (drinks) group.

I'll create another section for İçecekler group key value

[ORDERS GROUP:İçecekler]
<C00>-{GROUP KEY}-
<C00>%50 discount for Coke on Fridays!

If SambaPOS finds a specific format for a group key it uses this format. If can't it uses general formatting.

This configuration generates:

Notice the promotion tag we added for İçecekler (drinks) group.

Group Footers

We can also configure footers for groups.

<R>Toplam: {GROUP SUM}

{GROUP SUM} is a special tag to print totals. I can use it on headers too.

This configuration should display group totals:

We can configure footer for specific groups keys too. Something like [ORDERS FOOTER:İçecekler]

Full Gist of this Template

By playing with these values we can change how groups formats. For example I can use no header and only use footers to create a different look.

I've removed formatting from ORDERS GROUP section and used only FOOTER format. I have also specific footer format for İçecekler value.

Full gist located here

Other Possible Grouping Values

You can group orders by:


x means you'll write which value you want to use. For example if you want to group by Gift state GROUP section becomes: [ORDERS GROUP|ORDER STATE:GStatus]

GStatus is an internal value to store gift state of an order. You can configure these values by changing Gift related rules and actions.

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