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Promotion Coupons Documentation

This documentation is prepared with V3.0.27 version. If you are using older versions please upgrade.

This is a two part documentation about new Promotion features of SambaPOS. First part is about implementing Coupon Creating, Printing and Tracking features with SambaPOS. Second part is configuring Buy 6 Get 1 Free promotion.

Before start reading documentation you can watch the demonstration video with English subtitles.

Free Product Coupons

Preparing SambaPOS to Sell Coffee Coupons
After finishing this section we’ll be able to sell coffee coupons.

Redeeming Coupons
On this section we’ll add features to redeem coupons.

Printing Coupons
We’ll be able to print QR Tags or Barcodes on our coupons.

Buy 6 Get 1 Free Promotion

Tracking Coffee Purchases of Loyal Customers
As customers buys coffee we’ll update their promotion data

Giving Free Coffee
When customers buys a specific amount of Coffee we’ll give free coupons

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