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Jan 02, 2014
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How to recalculate TIP when a ticket is splitted

Hi, I was testing the functionality of split the ticket in other tickets and using the partial payment of a ticket.

In both scenarios the tip was not splitted. But the worst scenario was the second, because after a partial payment of the account, when I went to pay the remaining ticket, the system only charge the amount of the food but not tip, so the ticket was closed but the tip was not payed. In the first scenario ( spliting the tickets in other tickets) the tip was cover totally when I payed all the original ticket. 

How can I configure the tip to be recalculated properly?





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Jan 02, 2014
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Attached image with amount of water that I want to pay but the tip remain the same. and in the next payment the system only take in consideration all except the tip. Means, the tip is lost.



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Jan 03, 2014
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Hello Edwin. If you receive partial payment by typing an amount you can't use order selector correctly for remaining amount. But the remaining balance should work correctly in all cases so I couldn't understand how tips lost. Can you give a step by step example? How do you calculate tips?

Hi Emre, exactly this is the problem, I don´t know how to recalculate tip. I have configure tip as a calculation and use it with the action type " update ticket calculation" and call this action in" new ticket creating rule"

But then, I don´t know how to recalculate.

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