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By emreeren on Aug 26, 2013 and it has 0 comments and 13671 views

Hello everyone. About 10 days before we've started a funding campaign to support our future projects. I want to thank to all contributors. $3.483 raised so far. There is still a long way to the goal but not bad for the start. Let me create a brief summary of the campaign.

  • Our goal is $50.000. We need to reach this goal to be able to form a dedicated support and development team.
  • You'll get your donation back if we can't reach our goal. 
  • You can donate any amount starting from $1. Every bit helps.
  • As your contribution amount increases you'll receive some gifts such as lifetime licenses for our future commercial projects.
  • As campaign reaches it's goal we'll start developing some integrated commercial applications for SambaPOS as announced on campaign text in detail. SambaPOS will continue as an open source project.

This campaign is not about gifts or commercial apps. This campaign is about the future of SambaPOS project. Commercial apps just needed to be able to pay rents, salaries and afford other expenses all of you familiar with. If you contribute we'll be able to start building a solid team behind SambaPOS, give better support, develop better features and do everything faster than ever.

If you think SambaPOS is a good software, let us build best software for you.

Visit for more information.

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