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By emreeren on Sep 01, 2013 and it has 2 comments and 22034 views

Hello I've started writing a documentation about SambaPOS Promotions. I've tried something new so prepared it as a word document. Please let me know your thoughts about this documentation format.

You can help me by correcting language errors or by sharing your ideas. I'll continue adding more cases as I can find more non-development time.


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emreeren says:
Sep 02, 2013

Hello DFrancD. That sample is for a table service cafe so she'll pay whole ticket just before leaving.  She ordered two coffee but one of them will be served later.

What we're trying to do in this document is showing you how you can use SambaPOS features to automate things. On this example I wanted to demonstrate how to duplicate order lines, how to tag them and how to display automation buttons conditionally. On first example I've also demonstrated how to exclude an order line from ticket total calculation by executing "Update Order" action with "Calculate Price" parameter set to True. If you understand how it works you can design your own promotion system by connecting these pieces for your needs.

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JohnSCS says:
Sep 02, 2013

Great examples of promotions.

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