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Mar 09, 2014
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ticket template

hello, im tring to not print the kitchen ticket when is void, but i cant, any advice!!??

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Mar 09, 2014
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You will have [ORDERS:Void] group in the template. Just remove the lines below it, ie 


-- Nothing will print for void lines

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Mar 11, 2014
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i have not group created, this is my kitchen emplate:

could you fix it please?



-- General layout






<J10>Fecha:{TICKET DATE} | Hora:{TIME}




















-- Default format for orders


<J20>-  {NAME}|{QUANTITY} 






-- Nothing will print for void lines





-- Format for order tags


<J11>      {ORDER TAG NAME}





-- Table entity format


<C21>Mesa: {ENTITY NAME}


[ENTITIES: Customer]


-- Customer entity format


<J21>Cliente: {ENTITY NAME}  {ENTITY DATA:Phone}

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