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Nov 04, 2013
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Add New Printers Procedure For Bar


Hello Samba team,

I have followed Emre's instructions:,382.msg2045.html#msg2045

 to add a bar printer and it works.

My problem is the kitchen printer job is set to...

"Printing Content = Seperated prints by quantity." (required for the kitchen printer.)

I need the Bar printer to have "Printing Content = All Lines." and latest orders only!

So I have added a seperate Bar print job by the below method:

A print job named - print orders to Bar printer

Printing content - All Lines

Print mapping - *.*,Bar Printer,Bar Template


An Action - Execute Bar Orders Print Job

Action Type - execute Print Job

PrintJobName - print orders to Bar printer

OrderStateName - Status

OrderState - New


A rule - Print Bar Jobs

Event Name - Ticket Closing

Action - Execute Bar Orders Print Job

Mappings - *.*.*.*


Issue is: without "OrderStateName - Status" it will print but all orders on ticket.

with "OrderStateName - Status" No printing happens!

How to fix the no printing when status is added? Is this the correct way to add a new printer for the Bar, printing the latest orders only!

Or is there another way?

Thanks for any help on this



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