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Jun 24, 2014
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Are you able to customize the graphics?

Hello all,

I'm a new user to SambaPOS. I've tried using the search feature on the forum but could not locate an answer to my question.


The question is, Are you able to customize graphics within SambaPOS?
For example, say I do not want the standard boxes for the tables, Is there a way you can customize the backround so you have an actual layout of the restaurant VS just boxes?



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Jun 26, 2014
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Create a new entity type, call it tables. Now create new entities i.e. table numbers. 1,2,3,4 etc.

Draw your restaurant floor in a paint program, I use MS Visio and save it as a png on your POS machine's desktop or wherever you can find it again. 

Create a new entity screen and call it restaurant floor. Change the view mode to custom and enter the path to he above image.

Go to the POS screen and right click and select design mode. Once in design mode right clickk again and select add entity button. Drag the square to where you want your table to be and rename it to what you want it to be by right clicking and selecting settings.

You can also change the shape of the table to a circle etc. play around with the settings. 

Repeat the process until you have all your tables in place. This is what mine looks like.

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