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Aug 29, 2013
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Batch export 'Products' to 'Inventory Items' and 'Recipes'

I have so many Products in my SambaPOS, already entered, and they are in Hundreds.

It's only now that I learned how to track their stock using 'Inventory Items' , 'Recipes' and 'Transactions'.

(From your very well written Tutorial, good work on it by the way.)

Is there a way to automatically create an Inventory Item for each and every Product that I have? using a batch or a script of somekind ? because It's going to be an agony creating Inventory Items manually. Same goes for Recipes and Transactions


Thank you

Ali Mohamdi

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Aug 30, 2013
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I feel your pain. There is no easy way to create Inventory and Recipes, except one at a time.

But, I created a bulk import tool for V3, to import products, inventory and recipes. Have a look here,1591.0.html

This is designed for 1:1 recipes, like packaged products. It will create the Menu Items for your products, and supports multiple Menus. It also sets your starting inventory levels.

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