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Jul 14, 2014
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Can I upgrade from 2.99 to 3.00?


Hi everyone,

I want to upgrade my equipment to run higher versions of samba pos, is there any chance I can upgrade from 2.99 to 3.00 or even 4.00? and keep all configurations and database the same? What are the solutions.


if there is no upgrade options, is there any quick reference guide for version 3.00 and 4.00 very well documeneted like this link,218.msg1075.html#msg1075 for samba pos 2.00 as this link is very well documeneted thank you very much for all the team who put all the efforts to publish this list it propably made life easier for thousands of restaurants owners.

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Jul 14, 2014
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There is no upgrade V2 to V3.

SambaPOS V4 & Pole display support : 


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Jul 27, 2014
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Thank you very much for your help, I have bookmarked the links for future reference.

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