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Jan 22, 2014
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Check database version on upgrade from V3 to V4

Hi,I have the following message "check database version" after install V4. I´m Using V3.034 with SQL Express  (10.0.55)

I was reading the different solution in the forum but none of them works for me. I don´t want a new empt database, I want to use the data of V3.034




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Jan 23, 2014
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hello, friend, you have to copy the database from V3 to V4. 


1 - go to disk c: 

2 - Go to folder - programs 

3 - Go to folder - Microsoft SQL Server 

4 - Go to folder MSSQL10.SQLEXPRESS 

5 - Double click on the MSSQL folder 

6 - open the DATA folder 

7-copies files - SambaPOS3 and SambaPOS3_log to a secure place of your choice. 

8 - back to the original files on it and change only the numbers 3 to number 4, keep the rest of the Scythians equal. 


Example: SambaPOS4 



9 - restart the application Sambapos4 

10 - put the connection string right, ready and this made the migration of V3 to V4. 


These steps worked for me. 

excuse my bad english.

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