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Jul 17, 2013
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Credit Card Tips/Over Tender


We are looking to implement SambaPOS in our restaurant but just making sure it will suite our needs. We allow our customers to over tender on credit card payments for gratuity. The change due is given to the waiter immediately as cash. Is it possible for the change on credit card payments to be deducted from cash?

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Jul 18, 2013
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Yes you can handle "Payment Processed" event and create a new account transaction with "Change Amount" to deduct cash. I've recently fixed a small bug on Payment Processed event so I recommend to try it with next release (3.0.15)

Hi emreeren. I have downloaded V3.0.15. Great job. I have set up this event and account transaction. It works fine in "Account" section but I need to it show on the Work Period Report. Is there an event to deduct "Cash" and add to "Credit Cards" under the "Incomes" section of the WPR? The cashier will need to know how much cash they should have.

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Feb 14, 2014
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Hi Emre,

Thank you for the beautiful Samabapos system. I have been using ver 2.99c, 3 and now 4.1.12. I am from Namibia and therefor I have an unusual problem.

I need the following to make Sambapos optimal for Namibia.

overcharges Credit card (whch is legal in Namibia) and the tip is deducted from cash.


1 Client pays cash item price=10 $, second  client pays with Credit card. item price = 5 $ and CC payment is 10$.

I need the 5$ Tip from the CC to be automatically deducted from from the day end cash.

so day end would show:

Credit card payment 10 $

CC Tip amount is 5$

cash amount should show 5$ (as the CC_tip amount is already deducted)

I need details on how to do this, or how I could add another day end listing that would show exactly this.

can this be done?

your fast reply would be greatly appreciated.


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