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Jan 29, 2014
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Dynamic Discount

Our Discounts Rates are not Fixed it Depends on Seasone, Festivals, Weekends, Products Avl and on Selected Customers only, it is anoying to change each time different Rates then apply it.


Is there any option possible which enables user to Enter rates of Discount at the time of Payment on Payment Screen.

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Jan 31, 2014
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This documentation shows how to apply servicing fee by customer region.

You can use same logic to implement discount by customer type. If you enable "Decrease Amount" setting on Calculation template that works as a discount.

For seasonal discounts I reccomend you to implement it as happy hour as documented here. It shows how to do it for V2 but it works for V3 too. I reccommend this becasue you'll have more control on prices. You can use rounded values and choose not to apply discount for specific products. In your case you won't change prices everyday but at the start of seasons.

Instead of changing price lists you can prefer chaning a program setting to change tickets promotion state and display related discount buttons. If needed I can prepare a tutorial about that.

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