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Apr 10, 2016
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How to choose quantity units a sub menue


first of all - Thank you for your great work and support.

As the austrian government forces us to use a POS System (if you have a turnover more than 15.000 € a year, it doesn't matter if you own a bar or a repair shop), I saw some of them - they cost a lot and aren't as good as your POS Software.

I want to use this software for my grandmothers vine tavern. So I have to use just a part of your software.

My problem:

When a costumer wants f.e. 0,5 L of white wine, I have to press

Vine (Menue)

Product (f.e. Chardonnay)

and then I have to press again on the Product (when its under the Table) to choose the quantity (like 1/8L, 1/4L, 1/2L and so on).

I would like to press the menue, choose the product and then I want to choose the quantity.

I didn't find anything except for this guide: (Sub menues)

Or maybe I read it wrong - I don't know.


The austrian government prescribes, that you have to print a digital signature as a 2D Barcode on your invoices, consisting of an ID No (from your fiscal office), the amount of the invoice and a key from a signature card. Do you think, sambos can handle this? I think germany will watch, if this system works and they will be the next, which have to use this system...


Thank you in Advance


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