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Apr 04, 2014
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How to make payments screen stay after printing bill?

Hi all, i've been trying to configure SambaPOS for some time now, and i'm happy to say that it's basically ready to go, but i have a bit of a problem that i cant resolve:

When i go to the payments screen, enter the amount of cash, select a payment method, and select to print the bill, payments screen automatically closes, not letting me see the amount of change i need to give to the client. The cash drawer opens only when i print the bill, so it's the only way i can access the change.

I have another, bigger problem, too.

Whenever i enter an exact quantity (For example: Grand total is 5 EUR, and client gives me a 5 EUR Bill, so no change), the screen automatically closes before i can hit the button to print the bill. This is extremely annoying because, to print it, i need to go and find the ticket again.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, it also closes automatically without letting me print the ticket when i choose "Credit Card" as payment method.


How could i overcome this? I want the payment screen to close only when i hit the "Close" button, but not automatically.

Using V3.0.35

Thanks in advance.

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Apr 04, 2014
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Any thougts? Inauguration is tomorrow and i would like to have it sorted put by then :)

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