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Aug 09, 2013
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Initial setup questions?

Hello Samba team,

You have a very interesting POS system (V3.019)! Well done!

I have been testing and am having setup issues of my own creation, your guidance would be appreciated.

When closing the ticket window, How to auto print the latest order only! When added to the ticket. (Not the entire ticket orders plus latest order)

Also if the ticket window is opened and closed without adding a new order, no prints to be created.

How to import VIP card customer list to Samba POS

Final payment receipt: how to total all like orders to one line, 4 x black beer ordered 5 times would =

20 x black beers

Thanks for your help on the above questions



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Aug 09, 2013
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1. Auto Print Kitchen Tickets
This should have been enabled by default. This is what you need.

A 'Kitchen Order Ticket' Printer Template
A Kitchen Printer Setup called Kitchen Printer (this can be the same printer that you use for receipts)

A Print Job Named - Print Orders to Kitchen Printer
Printing Content - All Lines
Print Mapping - *,*,Kitchen Printer, Kitchen Orders Template

An Action - Execute Kitchen Orders Print Job
Action Type - Execute Print Job
PrintJobName - Print Orders to Kitchen Printer
OrderStateName - Status
OrderState - New

A Rule - Print Kitchen Jobs
Event Name - Ticket Closing
Action - Execute Kitchen Orders Print Job
Mappings - *,*,*,*

So now when ever you add items to a ticket it will print just the new items added. It will not print if you just open and close a ticket.

2. Customer Import.
There is no import feature as yet with SambaPOS. The only option if you have a big list is to import via SQL Management Studio,  but this is tricky if you have custom fields assigned to Customers Entity. Unless you understand SQL, I would advise against this method and manually enter the customers.

3. In your Receipt Ticket Template there is an option to 'Merge Lines' - this will group the items together as you need.


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