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Oct 22, 2013
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Print kitchen orders with big spaces between items

Version 3.0.28

hello Samba team,

Ticket printing questions?

How can I add spaces between each food item that is printed so that the chefs can easily cut and share the top copy. Each food item should also have table number, time, date and a dotted cut line.

I have tried adding a logo to the final receipt and table receipt using version 2.99 method and failed.(I could not find V3 instructions)

How can I add a logo in version 3.0.28

Thanks for your help!


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Oct 24, 2013
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Hi there


I think you should have a look at the documentation for creating printer templates:

You can add a logo to your receipt by using <BMP>c:\logo\logo.bmp (location of logo)

and use     <F>=     to print lines across the ticket.



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Oct 26, 2013
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Thanks for your help,

I am unable to find instructions for my requirments, I may have badly explained the situation, so I will give an example.

My kitchen printer uses double paper to make two copys of orders, one white and one pink. the pink copy is retained by the kitchen delivery department(pink) the white copy is cut up and divided potentially between 5 different food preperation/cooking areas in the kitchen, dependent on the food orderd.

each food item for the same table needs to be printed seperatly one after another with the table number, waiter, time and date divided by a dotted cut line and some spaces.

The seperated food order tickets then remain with the finished dishs and are returned to the food delivery area. Each dish now has enough information to match it up with the pink delivery copy and assemble the order for delivery.

So i dont need a list of food under the order information.

I need each individual food order with the order information seperated with space before the next individual food order with the order information.

( If dishes could be grouped by department + order information would be even better.)

I hope the above helps with my problem.

Thanks for any help on this its greatly appreteated.


Did you manage to get your logo printing?

Im not 100% sure on this. Maybe try the forum for help as well. Have you had a look at "Print Jobs". Try change "Printing Content" to "Individual orders by Quantity". I haven't used "Seperated prints by quantity" before so I'm not sure about that one.


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Oct 28, 2013
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Thankyou you are correct,

"Individual orders by quantity" has given me seperated ordered items + table information.

I have ticked "Merge Lines" in the Template to have a multiply number added to reduce

duplicated individual prints. However this has not worked, any ideas?

Can you copy and send a example of a template for printing the logo. I can print using version 2.99 but not 3.0.28. i just get lots of text and caracters at the top for about 7cm then the receipt is printed. below is the top of my template, the <BMP> is in red.

-- General layout
<L00>日期:{TICKET DATE}   时间:{TIME}
<L00>票号:{TICKET NO}  服务员:{USER NAME}
[<J10>赠送共计:|{ORDER STATE TOTAL:Gift}]
<J10>总计 : Total:|{TICKET TOTAL}
<C10>谢谢 : Thankyou

Thanks for any help on this


"Individual orders by Quantity"."Individual orders by Quantity"."Individual orders by Quantity".

For duplicated prints try have a look at using automation commands. I have an action to execute print job. You can set how many copies should be printed.

The <BMP> is red. My template for printing a receipt in V3.0.28 is:

-- General layout

Is your printer thermal? is the image of the logo in the correct folder?

The size of my logo is 420px by 340px.



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Oct 30, 2014
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did you have any luck getting the logo to show up in the receipt? 

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