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Jan 27, 2015
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Printer and accept payment issues

  Hi all,

I am new in forum thus first of all I want to thank you all of you guys who had such a great job here.

I have 3 questions, first one is I can not acccept payment thru sambapos, when I first install the software I could however since yesterday payment types are not showen instead there is only exit (kapat) button is showen.

My second question, is callerID feature is only working at one station or I can run the callerID at my all stations. When I setup callerID from local settings at all of my stations, only one of them is showing the incoming calls.

Third and last one is I am using Possfy MY-8X thermal reciept printer with sambapos, on the printer setup when I choose  the recipt printer, printer print the recipet however it also left to much blank space and then printer gives error sound and I need to switch off and on to use printer again, when I choose the HTML type, printer works as acpected however fonts are too big to fit in line. I could't figure out what is the problem.

Thanks in advance


p.s after uninstall and install the sambapos again payment function is working properly however I will keep this topic for future problems

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