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Sep 27, 2015
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Problem with Custom Package Delivery System Part 2 tutorial, Action type "Update Ticket Calculation"


I was smacking my head this lasts days trying to figure out how to setup the Custom Package Delivery System. I'm stuck in the Servicing Fee stage. I set up 1 region, I followed all the steps carefully shown in the tutorial and I describe the problem as follows:

1.- I can select a customer and assign to a ticket.

2.- I can see in the displayed ticket the "Servicing Fee" displaying the value, for instance, 1000.

3.- I added some products and so on

4.- Closed the ticket

5.- When I go to the "Delivery" screen there are no ticket displayed in the ticket lister. So I can't assign to any deliverer...


6.- I went to Actions->Update Servicing Fee and directly put an amount replacing the [:Fee] variable and, ie, 1000. No ticket in Delivery screen's ticket lister.

7.- Replaced the amount 1000 by 0 (zero) and the Delivery screen works like a charm.

Is this a bug? I'm using 3.06 BETA version of SambaPOS

I hope somebody can give me a hand. Thanks in advanced.

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Oct 06, 2015
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Checked all again anf finally installed the V3.0.24 BETA. All works like a charm now. No more headaches :D

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