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Jul 26, 2013
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Problems getting message server / interdevice communication to work.

Dear Emre and esteemed SambaPos community,

Thank you very much for the work you put in the sambapos program. I managed to set up version 3.015, running sql express on a server running WINDOWS 7.I apologize if my question is trivial or already answered, but I did not find the answers by googling the below subject.

Using rdp apps on mobile devices and different user accounts on the server we intend to coordinate table reservations, ordering tasks, food preparation, and delivery by the personnel. Therefore, I patched the Termsvr.dll using a patch (http://www.compubyte.co.za/updates/UniversalTermsrvPatch_20090425.zip) which allows to run several Remote Desktop sessions simultaneously. I then managed to log onto my server using several rdp sessions form another pc, an iphone, and – through a thinclient web interface – from a kindle 4 webbrowser using different user accounts on the server.

I did not manage to get the message server to run, correctly. A 'Message Server Error' message appears.

1. I disabled the server’s firewall – this may not be necessary because everything runs on one machine, but I did it just in case. 2. I select the Terminal Name from the choice field and set it to 'Server" - in fact there was only this one choice. Then I set the Message Server Name to COMPUTERNAME, which is the name of the Computer I made sure that COMPUTERNAME is correct, since datasource = COMPUTERNAME/INSTANCENAME allows to access the sql database, where COMPUTERNAME and INSTANCENAME are specific for my computer, respectively. I tried seting the Message Server port to 8080, or 8081, or 9000 and activated the Auto Start Message Client feature. 3. I restarted SambaPos. When the program starts the word “Kontrol” appears on the left lower corner of the screen, followed by “Message Server Error”. In addition I tried to use the computers IP address in Message Server name.

Are the settings I chose wrong or incomplete? Do I need to install another program, service, or or web server that handles the Client calls? Is the message server already establisted and running in SambaPos Version 3.015?

Further Suggestion:
If not established yet, it would be great if the message server could also update the Tickets in the Tickets screen (Main Menu - Tickets). This would help to keep track of orders in the kitchen where we plan to install a touchscreen device which will also connect via Remote Desktop.

Closing Remark:
Using interdevice communication is rather important for the operation in the restaurant. Any help is greatly appreciated and I am willing to write a tutorial on how to set up the terminal server correctly if we get this feature to work on my computer.

 Thankyou, Klaas

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Jul 26, 2013
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You should run server application called samba.messagingserver.exe.

It will be better to use "Ticket Lister" widget instead. You'll have more options and you can program simple actions for automating workflow.  Reading "Custom Package Delivery System" documentation should give an idea.

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