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Jul 08, 2013
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Product modifier

Hi... I need to put extra modifiers to a product... I need to make selection of two options by product. Like 2 flavors of ice cream. Pls somebody can give a help... Thank you very much in advance... And SORRY BY MY ENGLISH... I'm from Argentina

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Jul 08, 2013
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In V3 Order Tags replace Modifiers that we used in V2.

Create a new Order Tag (Manage->Tickets->Order Tags), Set Max Selected Items = 2, Add your flavours to Order Tag List (Set the Max Quantity for each item to 2 so you can have 2x Choc flavour), then under Mappings create a new Mapping and set the products/product group this Order Tag will be available to.

If you want the Order Tag to appear when the item is selected, go to Manage->Products->Menu List, select the menu, then category, click Edit Product Properties, and select Auto Select next to your item. Otherwise you need to click on the item after you have added it to the order for the Order Tags to appear.


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Jul 08, 2013
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EXCELENT!!!! Thank you very much!!! Thats all I need!!!... Really... Thank You!!! Works like a charm!!!

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