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Oct 27, 2014
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Resources Translation

this is my problem right now, i installed sambapos all ok, i t loads fine and everything works i loaded the spanish translation and most of the things do get translated but for example in the pos module buttons such as settle, print bill, close, add ticket do stay in english no matter what i do, i downloaded the source checked the resources files in samba.localization  and it is in fact translated there i even when ahead and translated the main language resource in english to spanish still i would not translate the buttons, i checked the payment module to see if the button had the caption hardwire but it calls to the resources. for string definition.


so im lost can anybody share some light into this ?


thanks in advanced




after a meticulous search through all the program's settings i found why those particular buttons do not get translated no matter what language you choose is because they are hardwire in the automation command list obviously in english so you have to go through quite a few settings to actually get a completely translated interface.

many things like entities names, command automation, types of accounts, types of status and so on are not localizable.

in order to have a coherent ui when translating all aspects of the ui must be localizable, so you don't end up with spanglish or frenglish :).

i hope this serves asa reference point for the magnifecent developers of sambapos.


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