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Oct 24, 2016
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SambaPos V2 - Addon - Order to forgive


Please excuse that I write my request in the wrong Topic.

I need a solution for the SambaPos V2 urgently. I would like to have installed a daily summary of all Tickets in the checkout module. There a button will be installed with "Tagesabschluss". " Only an authorized person can trigger this function. Then the following should be triggered:
1. expression of an overview of all tickets for the period of one day on the ticket-printer
2. Overview of all tickets, as in point 1 by email to a specified email address.
3. Start a new summary of tickets for next day.

Who can build me a this function? I would like to have this not for nothing.

Sorry for my bad english. I'm from Germany. The best thing that I could describe my problem in german.
Best regards Detlev


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Oct 25, 2016
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The subject has done. My favorite is no longer SambaPos.

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