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Dec 23, 2013
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Serious Inventory Question.


there is a situation that is not covered by any POS software and would be a huge plus if implemented, and am not sure how to handle this in sambapos.

here is a real scenario :

say a restauarant or a "CoffeeShop" sells pizza.

Pizzas recipie can vary from a product to another but they all use the same base ingredients which is dough and is prepared in advance for a number of orders before they are taken. this means that ingredients are already consumed and must be taken accounted for in the inventory however, the final product pizza, when sold, cannot remove all ingredients from inventory, but only those not used in dogh preparation and remove the necessary quantity of dough for that order from the already prepared dough.

i know it's a bit tricky but this is one of the main concerns of many restaurants , cofee shops .... as they have many products that have to be partially repared for in advance. and that preparation is not a final product that for, at the end of the day, it is out of inventory and if not sold, should be accounted as loss because it cannot be used again ..

any ideas ?


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Dec 24, 2013
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As far as accounting is concerned if its not sold then its still Inventory. And if a prepared product cannot be sold then it should be scrapped. 

in SambaPOS after ending work period there is a End of Day procedure which you can adjust these products at the end of the day.

Further you can create a inventory item named Dough, when you prepare the Dough you can enter a "Purchase Transaction" (You can create a different type of transaction namely Ingredient Transaction or something else). 

Inventory Item "Dough" will contain ingredients flour, salt, etc matched with a product Dough and recipe.

Then you can use automated order tagging to tag the product Dough with Product Pizza.

This is the best possible solution as far as my knowledge in SambaPOS provides.

Hope this helps.


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