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Mar 26, 2013
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Source code overview

I am a newbie as a .NET developer I can say thanks for the great project EMre.

While I can understand or seem understand most ot the general code. I can not seem for the life of me seem to find where the UI/Presentation is made or modified?

I am looking at optionally not having the tables screen after logon at all. i.e. a semi-fast food type and tables are actually like products. On logon it should go straight to POS/Orders and also  after a sell as well it remains in the order screen.?

Also change some of the namings e.g. Settle to Cash etc.

Also simplify the order/POS

Change order line list to have <Name> as first column instead of Qty. THis will take care of the products where eg  "1 2-Piecer"  does not look like 12 Piecer So I will have "2-Piecer     2"

I also want to make the quantity text box multi-function. I.e. User can after finish simply type the cash tendered in that textbox e.g. 10 if the select then selects product It becomes 10* product this is OK and is the default. But if the user presses  [settle] instead I would like then to take this 10 as amount tendered/payment screen and immediately close and print.

THis will greatly speed things in fast-food scenario. If  only I can get to understand the Presentation layering?


Thanks in advance.



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