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Sep 14, 2013
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Use SambaPOS with IPad!


Does anyone use SambaPOS with IPad?

if yes, please tell us hw to do it.


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Sep 14, 2013
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Yes, iPads are great with SambaPOS and I use a RDP program called Pocket Cloud to run SambaPOS on the iPad. 

The setup depends on your current system. 

Can you give us an idea of your setup including OS and database used?

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Sep 15, 2013
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Thank you JohnSCS,

I'm using sambapos in one computer with windows xp, Sql Server 2005.

I'm interesting to use with Ipad on my local network without internet (I have a WiFI router).

Does Pocket Cloud run whithout internet and can I use computer and Ipad in the same time?


thnx again,

Pocket Cloud does not require the internet, we only use it to RDP into the main computer.

To use both the computer and the iPad at the same time, you to enable "concurrent sessions in terminal server for Windows XP". By default Windows XP will only allow one user to be logged on at a time. Google it.

The basic steps are
1. Setup concurrent sessions in XP
2. Add new user account for iPad
3. Login to the Win XP computer using the iPad login, and configure SambaPOS with a new Terminal Name (Manage->Settings->Local Settings/Terminals)
4. Logout and log back in to Win XP as your normal user
5. Run Pocket Cloud, setup an RDP connection using the IP Address of the WIn XP computer and the iPad username & password you created
6. Login and run SambaPOS on the iPad

I am producing documentation on how to setup SambaPOS, including multiple terminals and RDP clients, and hopefully this will be ready soon. It will be based on Win 7, but the same process will apply.

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Nov 25, 2013
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Nov 25, 2013
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Thanks for all

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Dec 07, 2016
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Dec 07, 2016
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