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Mar 04, 2014
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VFD item display & total

Having some trouble setting up a VFD with sambaPOS still.

I've followed a tweaked version of the forum instructions, but the item display and total display are not working as they should.

On the item display:

When I add a new item, it's flashing through all the items, before settling on the first items, so my item template is wrong, but I don't quite know how to fix it, my current template is: http://pastebin.com/VCAG0QLb how can I fix this template to only display the last item? Also the item names are being truncated to 5 characters, can I somehow get that to be a bit longer?

Thus far, I've got nothing working on total display, I may need to poke around more at it, I followed the instructions pretty much exactly as on the forum http://forum2.sambapos.org/index.php/topic,218.msg1075.html#msg1075 but any hints on that would be helpful

Help on item display would be more useful first, I think


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