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Jan 20, 2014
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What suits best for my needs; SambaPOS 3.x vs 4.x


I just signed up with SambaPOS, so I don' tknow much about it, however I am an exerienced developer. I am a bit confused, as to what is a good fit for me.

I am implementing a point of sale system for a resturant in the US. This restaurant takes orders online at their website as well. Here are core requirements.


1. They need to interface the website with POS so online orders can be pumped into the POS.

2. A Kitched Display system is required adn the prefernece is a touch screen based system.

3. They want to use protable devices in two ways.

a. Order entry by the waiter staff
b. Custom serlf service order entry, possibly an app that allows customers to view menu and then place orders on a tablet.

Please suggest me what would be a good fit for my needs; 3x or 4.x  ?



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