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Sep 23, 2013
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zero priced orders

Dear Sambapos developers and community,

We just started our own restaurant and are very greatful for the amazing POS software SambaPOS3, which is a very useful and effective software.

I apologize for addressing an issue that has been previously discussed, but I would like to know how to introduce items which are included, like options for sides. We have offers for main dishes which include the choice of two free sides. We do not like to charge the main dish a price and the side dishes seperately because their prices would have to differ from the price that we charge for sides individually.

Apparently, although SambaPOS does allow products to have a price of zero, and it is possible to order them, as well as print a receipt containing items with price zero, it is not possible to finish the transaction. After pressing the cash button, even a change is calculated but when closing the transaction the message "Can't complete this operation while zero priced order exist." In order to close the transaction, all zero price items have to be voided in the retrospect.

Since this is not a good solution, we redefined the gift message on the receipt to an included message, but still each meal option has to be "gifted" means additional work when entering the product while taking an order. Could you please allow an option to turn of the zero priced items check after checkout? Alternatively, could you please allow infinitesimal small prices like 0.0001 dollars? We could live with the fact that they are priced as 0.00 on the ticket although their actual value is slightly larger. Alternatively, could you please allow a price value like "free" / e.g.  -1 which is ignored but does not lead to the above problem? Another alternative would be to define another product category "included" where the price is ignored completly.

If someone knows a different easy solution, I would be greatly interested to hear about that.

Kind regards,


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Sep 23, 2013
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How about using Order Tags. 

This allows you to add products or options at zero cost. You can also add prices if needed for upsizing. 

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