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I follow this Documentation to create a Discount Button But

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asked on Jul 21, 2015 and it has 1900 views.
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Hello everyone

I have recently installed Samba POS v3 and have been intensely reading the forum.

I have managed to do all what I need in order for the system to work.

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asked on Jun 04, 2015 and it has 2180 views.
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My gratuities showing as discount on work period report under sales, any idea how to remedy this?



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asked on Aug 15, 2014 and it has 2106 views.
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I have spent the last hour trying to remove the discount button on the payment screen but I can't.

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asked on Nov 12, 2013 and it has 3123 views.
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It would be great if we have the list of variable that can be used to create automation and what syntax to enter ie. do they need : , [ ] , { }.

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asked on Sep 09, 2013 and it has 6130 views.
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Hi there,


First of all thank you thank you thank you for a fantastic product.


I have currently moved to version 3.07 and struggling to achieve the following :-'s picture
asked on Jun 23, 2013 and it has 6091 views.
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