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Hello fellows i have a question. how do i set on my tickets orders a time between each dish serving,?

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asked on Mar 13, 2015 and it has 1939 views.
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I operate a chinese restaurant where there are two kitchens( One to serve hot dishes such as fried rice and the other to serve cold dishes such as dessert)

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asked on Jul 02, 2014 and it has 2109 views.
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I'm new and lost in all the possibilities of the software, I 've got a question.

I saw a lot of messages but I'm still confused.

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asked on Mar 05, 2014 and it has 6231 views.
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Hi, I was trying to reprint an order for kitchen using automatization command, I use print job type of action.

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asked on Jan 02, 2014 and it has 2897 views.
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