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Hi Guys, sorry if this has been duplicated from another thread, I can;t seam to get this to work no matter what i try. I have created some Order tags.

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asked on Aug 01, 2015 and it has 2357 views.
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Hi All

I want to print a Order Tag for a free item with price 0.0 on slip, but issue is whenever a free item is added to order and user clicks print the SAMBAPOS crashes/stops respoding.

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asked on Nov 09, 2013 and it has 5285 views.
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First of all it is a great software. We use the stable verson for 1 year in our restaurant. Thank you!

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asked on Aug 12, 2013 and it has 7158 views.
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Hi, is it possible to link product modifiers (order tags) to inventory items?

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asked on Jul 08, 2013 and it has 12168 views.
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can anyone provide a working example of a ticket template where the order tags actually print under the items like modifiers did in samba pos 2

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asked on Apr 24, 2013 and it has 6491 views.
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