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Hello everyone

I have recently installed Samba POS v3 and have been intensely reading the forum.

I have managed to do all what I need in order for the system to work.

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asked on Jun 04, 2015 and it has 2017 views.
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Recently i have configure a new rule for print a ticket in any single payment, 

In The work printed SET i have set print only last paied order.  And work It 

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asked on Dec 07, 2014 and it has 3999 views.
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I've been working on using a magnetic iButton/Dallas reader with my SambaPOS setup for login, and possibly Magnetic Swipe card as well, I'm actually doing okay with setting it up I think.

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asked on Feb 14, 2014 and it has 3231 views.
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Hi, I follow a couple of instruction about how to create printer templates, but I can not make that void and gift work properly to print **void** order and **gift** orders. 

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asked on Jan 02, 2014 and it has 4859 views.
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eg: I wish I could choose two conditions within the same rule:

The rule name is ticket tag

inside there signals are: =!? ? R! R

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asked on Aug 12, 2013 and it has 2105 views.
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