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There is any scenarios:Customers ordered three dishes,one is a salad,which needs a little salt and printed in salad operating room,one is a pizza,which needs a little pepper and printed in kitchen。

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asked on Jan 06, 2014 and it has 4071 views.
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I want to upgrate from v2.99c to latest v3 I know it is not possible to just upgrade but can I some how export the menu and import into the v3 database? Im using mysql 2008? thanks

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asked on Jan 04, 2014 and it has 2905 views.
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I want to save a report as a file for expenses entered in the cash account 


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asked on Jan 01, 2014 and it has 3608 views.
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Since the very start of SambaPOS, there has been a forum to assist with questions and issues.
In this forum we have a specific section for V3 Development.

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asked on Aug 07, 2013 and it has 8794 views.
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I have a full working template if someone need...

I ONLY NEED TO KNOW HOW TO PRINT (Product Group) like: Beer -> Ceres...

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asked on Jun 05, 2013 and it has 3021 views.
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asked on Mar 12, 2013 and it has 3356 views.
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