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Jan 02, 2014
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[ORDER:VOID] and [ORDER:gift] are not workingfor print templates

Hi, I follow a couple of instruction about how to create printer templates, but I can not make that void and gift work properly to print **void** order and **gift** orders. 

Where can I find a documment which explain in detailed how to use this new printer templates and the list of command associated. 

Also, I would like to know if exists documentation for this new actions and rules, they look usefuls but a bit confuse to use, especially without any documentation.




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Jan 02, 2014
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The Tag name is ORDERS not ORDER

State values as case sensitive. So you need to type them as [ORDERS:Gift] and [ORDERS:Void]

If you are using non english language, type localized versions of state values like [ORDERS:İkram]

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Jan 02, 2014
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Hi Emre, thanks for the answer.where can I fin the state values to translate them. are they in the list of states in settings? 

Sorry for all this questions but, after two years using 2.X sambapos, move to 3 is a challenge, at least for me :-)  




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