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Sep 21, 2013
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printing tips on bill

Hi Emre, JohnSCS, Sambapos team and community,

following JohnSCS brief answer on my previous question about tipping ( http://www.sambapos.org/en/content/adding-tipping-sambapos3-upgrading-3025 ), I was able to set up two tipping rules, one for adding a default tip of 15% and one for selecting individual tip amounts. This was done by creating a ticket tag tip, two calculation types: default tip and tip. I also update the New ticket creation rule and introduced a Tip selected rule. After figuring out that the newly created rule needs to be mapped to the restaurant and all subsequent categories and subcategories, this solution works nicley. Thanks a lot.

The question remains, however, how these tipping amounts are listed on the bill. Could you please briefly explain how to list the tip amount in the printer template by giving an example ? After trying to solve this myself for several hours today I am quite lost. Thank you so much. Klaas

P.s.: SambaPOS3 has become very impressive POS software package. I am impressed how it can be custom tailored to the business it is used to work for. Thank you also for the kind and fast help so far.

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