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hi everyone ,,


i have installed sambapos 3 and print out the test page of printer the code is :

page 22/255 864

printer name : posiflex pp8000

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asked on Jul 15, 2014 and it has 3222 views.
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Hi Emre, JohnSCS, Sambapos team and community,

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asked on Sep 21, 2013 and it has 2927 views.
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I tried to apply this tutorial to reset a password every day of sambapos v2 in v3, but I could not, can someone help me

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asked on Sep 04, 2013 and it has 5054 views.
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Hi, first of all, you make a fantastic job! the software is brilliant, easy to use.

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asked on Jul 17, 2013 and it has 13079 views.
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