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Feb 05, 2014
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Samba POS V2 setup questions e.g. delete "voucher" option, cash drawer kick command, screen scaling for android tablets etc.

 Hi guys !!

 First of all great job with SambaPOS!!! Teşekkür ederim!!

My parents run a small little Turkish fine dining restaurant and they work so hard that I thought to make their life a little bit easier and set-up a POS system for them. Nearly done but stuck on several issues.

I have several questions for V2.99 running on XP Prof. so please be patient.


1) How do I delete the "voucher" option on the settlement screen?

2) I would like to print the amount tendered on the customer receipt. How?

3) I would also like to print on the receipt whether the customer paid with credit card or by cash

4) I have a guest counter setup but how would I get one to work so that it would print that information to the kitchen (how many people are at said table?) It does tell me on the reports as a total daily figure though.

5) I have managed to get SambaPOS working on a touchscreen PC and simultaneously on two 7 inch android tablets. But how do I scale the SambaPOS interface so that it is readable on the tablets?? (Windows XP resolution can only be set to 800x600)

6) How do I get the kick command for the cash drawer to work? I tried several kick command formats that I found on these forums but it did not seem to work (The cash drawer is connected to the dedicated kick port of my USB Senor GTP-250 thermal printer). And how configure SambaPOS to only open the drawer on cash payments and at the end of business?

7) Now that SambaPOS is nearly setup how can I delete all the user entries that I made to test the system?? (I only found out today that there was a training mode… ouch)

8) What do I have to do to get “Ticket Notes” to print on the e.g. kitchen printer? Currently they are not printed at all no matter what I do. Lets say somebody orders a dish and does not want onions. How can I let the kitchen know?

9) What is the best way to inform the kitchen which dishe(s) should come out for entrée and or mains?  (Some guests want mains at the same time as entrée and vice versa)


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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Feb 06, 2014
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  1. You can't.
  2. http://forum2.sambapos.org/index.php/topic,218.msg1144.html#msg1144
  3. There is no built-in way to do it. You can store payment method and print like we do at #2
  4. You can use {TICKET TAG:x} to print a ticket tag. Enter your tag name instead of x
  5. You can try runnin samba.terminal.exe.
  6. These are the codes we know. http://keyhut.com/popopen.htm. http://forum2.sambapos.org/index.php/topic,868.msg4467.html#msg4467 for cash payment kick.
  7. http://forum2.sambapos.org/index.php/topic,60.msg251.html#msg251
  8. http://forum2.sambapos.org/index.php/topic,218.msg1147.html#msg1147
  9. http://forum2.sambapos.org/index.php/topic,338.msg1940.html#msg1940

We have better support for these features on newer versions.

Hello Emre!

Thank you for your quick reply

Regarding 7. You stated in your link that: " I attached a SQL Script for you to clear all transaction data from database. If you run this script it will keep your settings but clear all tickets, work periods etc. "

I cannot find any attached script in your post. Also had a quick look at the files in the SambaPos folder but nothing came to mind.

Is V3 or V4 stable/ bug free enough to use in a commercial setting? (just got my head around V2 and somehow dislike the UI of V4, sorry) And I dont think V4 will work on Win XP as it needs Framework 4.5 but I think I read somewhere that your next version will support XP. Any time frame on that ?

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Feb 07, 2014
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Btw SamboPos is    AWESOME!!

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Feb 07, 2014
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Item 6. My kick command for my printer does not work (SambaPOS V2.99c).

I have a Senor GTP-250 Thermal Printer and have contacted their Australian representative and I even rang their headquarters in Taiwan to make sure that I have the correct kick commend. So, I basically added the line: "<XCT 27,112,00,150,150>" to my Invoice "Header Template" (tired out other numbers as well) but it does not kick the drawer open. However, under the printer's windows drivers if I tick the kick command box it will work... but due to the setup I cannot reply on that function.

Ideas anyone?



Got a bit frustrated and reformatted the kick command for V4 "<XCT> 27,112,00,150,150" and it worked first time!! ?? But I still need to get it to work with 2.99c    -  help -


Since I dont know how to delete this very post above kick command problem has been solved

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