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Hello I am currently running POS 2 ( I think)  "C:\Program Files (x86)\SambaPOS2"  I have everything set up the way we like it so I am hesitant to upgrade to v3 I really do not want to loose all th

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asked on Aug 13, 2014 and it has 1938 views.
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 Hi guys !!

 First of all great job with SambaPOS!!! Teşekkür ederim!!

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asked on Feb 05, 2014 and it has 27229 views.
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I want to upgrate from v2.99c to latest v3 I know it is not possible to just upgrade but can I some how export the menu and import into the v3 database? Im using mysql 2008? thanks

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asked on Jan 04, 2014 and it has 2778 views.
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asked on Mar 12, 2013 and it has 3242 views.
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