SambaPOS V3 Beta 1

By emreeren on Feb 20, 2013 and it has 0 comments and 23004 views

Hello. With the release of V3 Beta 1 we'll release our new website dedicated for V3 version. First of all I would like to give some information about the website.

We primarily aimed to gather everything related with V3 to a single place. Until we bring V3 to a stable state we'll improve this website. With V3 release we'll move it to address.

We completed all infrastructural features we planned for V3. Now it is time to add some useful features :) 

  • From now on all beta releases will update previous beta databases. 
  • We'll accept feature request for V3 from community.
  • We'll document new release features better.
  • We'll improve user documentation.

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