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Dec 03, 2013
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Set up inventory for bottled beers

I have had some problems setting up the Inventory for the bar drinks, can you guide me through one example, say any beer. For it to work, does a bottle of beer have to be a recipe?
I'm ok with the units etc, just can't see how it works for a beer and where exactly the warehouse, warehouse types all tie in

Thanks again 

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Dec 03, 2013
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Yes, you will need to create a recipe. You will need to create an Inventory Item named "Beer".

And then create a recipe so that the Product Item will be matched with the Inventory Item.

Hello Evail
I understand the inventory items and recipes but I do not understand the Warehouse Types, Warehouses, Transaction Types, etc. So I cannot input my stock purchases.
Basically, I want to add my restaurant items to my kitchen stock and my bar items to my bar stock. The transaction document asks for "source" and "target" but nothing is showing in the dropdowns



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Dec 07, 2013
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By creating a PRODUCT ITEM you will be able to make a sale, but you will not be able to manage inventory.

In order to manage inventory you will need to create INVENTORY ITEM and RECIPES.

when you create the INVENTORY ITEM you can select which warehouse (location) the items are located. you can create multiple warehouses.

So when you make a Purchase Transaction the item will be added to the warehouse.

When creating a Purchase Transaction you do not need to select Source, only Target Warehouse.

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Dec 28, 2013
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Strange, I did not understand, I tried several ways to set up a stock of drinks, but does not work.

Followed in detail, if the stock falls Beat purchases of drinks, but does the calculations in the stock of drinks and yes the stock location

Deletes the site stock, tried several ways but does not work.

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