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Dec 19, 2013
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Sub-Categories or Menu selection button?


i'm building up my product list, and i'd like to know if there is any way to make a category of products into another category.


For example,  in the default POS screen, you touch one of the yellow category buttons, say, drinks. And instead of the products (say, beer, coke, tea...), you see a set of buttons wich are categories, for example, Alcohol, soft drinks, etc.. . Is there a way to do that?

If there isn't, another approach to this could be managing various menus from the POS screen, be able to select the various menus you can create in the "menu" section of the config page under "products".


I have a ton of different options (specially wine and cocktails), and it'll be much nicer to have it sorted out with wither one of those approaches, instead of the category/product list that i have now.


I have a really big screen with 1080p resolution, so screen space is not a problem for adding one more categories column, for example, like Major category>Sub-Category>product.


Thanks in advance and keep up the good work.

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Dec 22, 2013
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If what you are asking is how to create sub categories, you have to go to Menu List-> Edit Menu --> (choose a category) Edit product properties. There you will find a row called Sub Menu Tags, type the title of the sub-category you wish your products to be on and you'll find that you have created your sub-categories.

So you have a product called "product 1" in category "wines" and sub-category "red wines"

I hope that was what you were asking and maybe you Ffind this helpfull 

BAM! Done. 

Much, MUCH thanks, man. That was easy! It was exactly what i was looking for.

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Feb 05, 2014
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Hey guys,


This solution works for V3 but how do I do it for V2? There is no "Sub Menu Tag" or is there ?

In V2 follow the below steps:

Manage --> Products --> Menu List --> <your_menu>

Now choose the category for hich you want to add sub category. Now click on the Edit Product Properties Link. You will get an excel type list of Products saved under that Category. Now scroll to right and you will find a column called Tag. Under that tag enter the sub-category of each product and click OK. Save the menu and Re-Login. You will get the desired Sub-Categories under the category

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Feb 05, 2014
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Thank you so much mughalschopstix!!

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