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Hi, i'm trying to configure the POS screen so that when you select a product with various portions (ej., Half, Full, etc...), a menu prompt or options menu shows automatically without having to tap

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asked on Apr 02, 2014 and it has 4965 views.
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I want to upgrate from v2.99c to latest v3 I know it is not possible to just upgrade but can I some how export the menu and import into the v3 database? Im using mysql 2008? thanks

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asked on Jan 04, 2014 and it has 2880 views.
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i'm building up my product list, and i'd like to know if there is any way to make a category of products into another category.


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asked on Dec 19, 2013 and it has 11568 views.
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Hi and thanks for this everyday better sambapos.

In v.2 There was "Gift Reason" do you want to implement it?

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asked on Jul 03, 2013 and it has 3674 views.
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I am trying to set up two departments and each one of them having its own menu selling different items but operate on the same machine. Is it possible? Please advise.

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asked on Jun 29, 2013 and it has 7003 views.
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