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Mar 17, 2014
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VFD new items not displaying on old ticket

I've managed to get a VFD set up, displaying login message, logout message, total amount tendered, change due, and items. But the items are not displaying quite right.

Basically, when you add some items to a ticket, all works kinda fine, displays each item with cost, etc. But if you close a ticket and then go back into it, then add more items, the items don't come up on the VFD. I tried printing to a ticket printer rather than a VFD to see what's happening, and I see that it sends the new items to the VFD/printer on the first lines, then when it finishes those it sends the old items. Is there any way to just make it display the new items? I figured maybe I'll have to modify the printer template, probably add a filter to the [ORDERS] line to make it only display new items? Is that possible?


I have a couple other little annoyances too, but they're much less important. The first is that the printer prints everything to the VFD before the latest item, and does this every time an item is added. This means the screen flashes through all the items in the order before reaching the last one. Is it possible to just display the last one?

The other little issue is that the VFD doesn't update when an item quantity is updated, but that is addressed here: http://forum2.sambapos.org/index.php/topic,1702.0.html with a solution, I'm just wondering if this will be added to sambapos officially at some point?

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Mar 17, 2014
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In the printer setup for the VFD set the Line Count to 1. 

When your adding items to a ticket, if you use Ticket Total Changed rule that should update the VFD when quantities change. 

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