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Hi I am trying set up epson tm-t88III epos printer, I have installed and printed test page is fine but when I am trying to print ticket from samba pos nothing happening, no response, can anyone hel

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asked on Apr 21, 2017 and it has 2379 views.
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Can I configure SAMBAPOS for working with x printer 58 as this link

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asked on Aug 31, 2015 and it has 2305 views.
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Hi. I'm using Sambapos V3 the last version. I try to print the kitchen orders on 2 separate printers at the same time (All Items). I created 2 printers. and tried 2 different way to do it:

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asked on Nov 15, 2014 and it has 2815 views.
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How do i do the printer setup and print the KOT & Invoice.

If i can get the full user manual for the POS.

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asked on Jun 22, 2014 and it has 2645 views.
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I've managed to get a VFD set up, displaying login message, logout message, total amount tendered, change due, and items. But the items are not displaying quite right.

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asked on Mar 17, 2014 and it has 2493 views.
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First, thank you for SambaPOS - it's magnificent!

Second, I have a problem with the Printer Template - Ticket Template. It's the following:

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asked on Mar 14, 2014 and it has 2556 views.
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What printer make * model support SAMBAPOS ver 3 on windows 7 /Windows 8 operating system ??  without any issues for KOT and bill print 



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asked on Dec 31, 2013 and it has 5163 views.
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Hi there all glad to be back :)

im using V3.034
thermal printer BTP-2002NP
defined "ticket printer"
862 at Character Set (for hebrew)

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asked on Dec 29, 2013 and it has 5241 views.
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asked on Dec 19, 2013 and it has 2161 views.
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Hi, I've installed the Samba POS (Great software man!!!!), and in my country the sales tax is the "I.V.A.". How can i print fiscal bills?

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asked on Sep 21, 2013 and it has 10998 views.
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