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Jun 29, 2013
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Hi everyone...

I need to print logo image stored in printer (NV-IMAGE), Anyone knows how to do this?


Printer: POSIFLEX AURA PP-6800


Thanks in advance...


Horacio Perassi

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Jun 30, 2013
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Hi There,

I have had a quick look on the suppliers website, and they don't provide any documentation in regards to control codes for the printer. So unfortunately I can not give you a direct answer. I would suggest contacting the supplier you got the printer from.

As an alternative, you can print logo's from SambaPOS - have a look at http://forum2.sambapos.org/index.php/topic,742.msg4387.html#msg4387

and don't forget to search the forum as there are many referneces to printing logo's on receipts.

Finally I found the answer. This is the code to print the nv-logo in posiflex aura 6800


Thank you very much!!!

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