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Hi Guys, sorry if this has been duplicated from another thread, I can;t seam to get this to work no matter what i try. I have created some Order tags.

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asked on Aug 01, 2015 and it has 2156 views.
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1.Settings -> Printers -> Add Printer,When the custom printer will be used?

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asked on Jan 29, 2014 and it has 1906 views.
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Is it possible to group tickets by client name?

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asked on Jul 11, 2013 and it has 3833 views.
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Hi everyone...

I need to print logo image stored in printer (NV-IMAGE), Anyone knows how to do this?


Printer: POSIFLEX AURA PP-6800


Thanks in advance...

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asked on Jun 29, 2013 and it has 5103 views.
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I have a full working template if someone need...

I ONLY NEED TO KNOW HOW TO PRINT (Product Group) like: Beer -> Ceres...

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asked on Jun 05, 2013 and it has 2861 views.
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