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Hello people,

is there a way to configure exports from Samba to include also field "customer name"?

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asked on Jan 19, 2016 and it has 3672 views.
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We have used sambapos and configured multi-currency accounts. Kindly let us know if it is possible to maintain customer account for each respective currency individually.

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asked on Feb 26, 2014 and it has 2320 views.
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I am setting up customer accounts/ and or loyalty card accounts and I want to give a discount to the drinks only, not the menu items.

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asked on Sep 08, 2013 and it has 3729 views.
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when you charge a ticket to a customer account it don't show up on the customer account. so the customer is not be charged 

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asked on Sep 04, 2013 and it has 15043 views.
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How can i send the customer debth to customer accounts .  At the payment screen i can click cash  or credit card.

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asked on Sep 01, 2013 and it has 8704 views.
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some way of marking the internal account


thank you

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asked on Jul 19, 2013 and it has 2791 views.
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This might be a bit too much since v3 is still in beta...

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asked on Apr 03, 2013 and it has 2583 views.
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