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QuestionUse SambaPOS with IPad! aRTx72 years 9 months ago
QuestionHow to use SambaPOS like Auto Parking System? aRTx53 years 8 months ago
QuestionHow to print in different printers? Cash & Credit Cards aRTx04 years 6 months ago
QuestionWhat is "Caller ID Device"? aRTx94 years 7 months ago
QuestionRequest: Print Client's Articles to a report!? aRTx04 years 11 months ago
QuestionWaiter's table!? aRTx04 years 11 months ago
QuestionWhen entered into table, add default product? aRTx05 years 1 week ago
QuestionHow to use product timers!? aRTx05 years 1 week ago
QuestionHow to setup different table color for waiters!? aRTx15 years 2 weeks ago
QuestionCan you share your process job? aRTx05 years 2 weeks ago
QuestionHow to stop "Change the Table"? aRTx35 years 2 months ago
Questionadd a feature "Working hours" for waiters. aRTx35 years 3 months ago
QuestionWhen move tables, the time of creation is new! aRTx05 years 4 months ago
QuestionTime sensitive pricing jaymurphy65 years 6 months ago
QuestionHappy hour - How to implement!? aRTx05 years 6 months ago
QuestionI like to use SambaPOS in my Shop!? aRTx05 years 9 months ago
QuestionV3 or V4 edominguez195 years 9 months ago
QuestionCan I use SambaPOS in Fitness Club? aRTx15 years 9 months ago
QuestionHow to setup "Print Bill"? aRTx15 years 9 months ago
QuestionIdentify the user who created ticket and who settled the ticket evail55 years 9 months ago
QuestionSend barcode to Com Port for Fiscal! aRTx45 years 9 months ago
QuestionCheck the SambaCard Balanc!? aRTx55 years 9 months ago
QuestionSambaCard Tutorial - PrePaid Cards. aRTx45 years 10 months ago
QuestionAllow login page accepts letters and numbers! aRTx05 years 10 months ago
QuestionPrinting on different template - Cash, Credit Card!? aRTx45 years 10 months ago


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